Malice Thoughts EP

by Malice Thoughts

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Recorded on 1/9/16 at DREADED STUDIOS by Miguel Conflict
Second Release! Second EP by MT.

Joseph Smash - Lead Vox
Colt 45 - Guitar/Vox
David Q tip - Bass/Vox
Chris Pinger - Drums/Vox


released March 18, 2016

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Stay True Productions, Mitchell for supporting/booking us, Nick from Ideal for being there from the beginning with his camera, Anthony from Ideal for the love and support, Jass for being there from the very beginning and taking some of our equipment to shows, Tanya from VCPRC for her motherly love and support, Shayne from The Navanax and VTA PRC, Scuba Steve, Rissa mis demeanor, Mike Williams, Brad Snowball, Miguel Conflict, Timmy the turtle, Tony Cortez, Bob Oedy, The Grim, Glue Gun, Civil Conflict, Kane Gang, Filios, Fallen Saints, Total Chaos, Corrupted Youth, Andrew from 3 day holocaust, Bob Pinger for letting us annoy him on Sunday mornings at the practice spot. Shane Santos, Zack Mckinley, Dustin and Courtney Darrough, and Chris Austin From 1AD7 for all you've done for us, and thanx to everyone who tolerates us hahahaha

RIP Chris P. You will always be remembered.
Without you there would have never been a "Malice Thoughts"



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Malice Thoughts Oxnard, California

"Malice Thoughts" a 4 piece Melodic Hardcore Skate Punk Band from Ventura / Oxnard California. Performing Shows all over California Malice has finally released their newest collection of music. In early 2016, they lost a valuable member to the band, their drummer "Chris Pinger" in a tragic car accident. They knew the music would live on in his memory and continue to move forward in his honor ... more

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Track Name: Malice Thoughts

[Verse 1]
I got these thoughts in my brain
& they're driving me so insane
I don't what to do
I got no one to turn to!

These malice thoughts are gonna kill you
-I'm seeing red and these eyes are set on you! - 2x

[Verse 2]
Imagine dead body's hanging from a noose
cutting you is my way of cutting loose
oh but a please forgive me for falling from grace
for I didn't poison my own brain!
Track Name: So Jay Dead

[Verse 1]
Hello depression my long time
friend for eight years now
come in and take a seat and
explain why you still come around
did you rob my motivation?
where's my inspiration?
and why do I still suffer from

It don't matter
I don't Care
'cause you left me
fucken jaded

[Verse 2]
I see you brought boredom
and insomnia with you as well
every time you guys visit
my life starts to derail
you like to see me hurt
you like to see me fall
but luckily I'm indifferent
to it all!
Track Name: Un Consejo

[Verse 1]
No tengo mucho de qué quejarse ,
accepto todo lo que veo
En mi mente yo soy maravilloso
nadie me puede hacer daño

Pero tú! odias a ti mismo!
por eso te odio - 2x

[Verse 2]
No creo que aprendió
Los consejos de la vida
usted debe amarse a tí mismo ,
no escuches la mierda negativa

Pero tú! odias a ti mismo!
por eso te odio

Tu Eres tu propio enemigo
Por eso yo te odio!
Tu errs tu propio enemigo
aprende a amarte a ti mismo!!!

[English trabslation]


[Verse 1]
I don't have much to complain about
I Accept everything that I see
In my mind I am marvelous
No one could hurt me

But you hate yourself
That's why I hate you!

[Verse 2]
I don't believe you learned
Any of life's lessons
You should love yourself
& not listen to negative shit

But you hate yourself
That's why I hate you!

You are your own enemy
Learn to love yourself!
You are your own enemy
That's why I hate you!
Track Name: Freedom!?

[Verse 1]
Go to school, get a job
don't be just another slob
get married and have some kids
it's thee american way to live

[Verse 2]
watch the tv every night
go to church cause it's right
now buy a car, buy a house
stay in a debt you'll never get out of

[Pre Chorus]
Your freedom doesn't seem so free to me - 2x

And they say "Don't question authority,
now repeat after me" "I am free" - 4x
no we are not fuckin' free!

[Verse 3]
buy more stuff that you don't need
and watch your wallet bleed
your a product your a whore
your social security is your bar code